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"my prime goal for any space I design is to capture the essence of the lives my clients live and create a habitat that is authentic to them."

Stephanie Ferguson

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Stephanie FERGUSON

I have always been inspired by beautiful residential and commercial architecture and interiors, and the way they influence our lives. Since 2008, when I started my own practice, my focus has always been on designing spaces that are completely authentic to them.

When designing a space for my clients I don't have a signature style but more along the lines of a signature formula. Respect their past, create for the present and be mindful of their future. The design process is a fun and unique experience for both the designer and the client.  We are uncovering who the client is, what their style and intention for the home is all about, how the architecture of the home and the decorating will conform together, and how the space feels so that it reflects their vision.  We have then built a strong confident foundation to start the design process!